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Core Focus

At Evergreen Solutions, our mission is to facilitate change for the greater good. We believe that EOS® can help companies become more efficient and empower their leaders to make a positive impact. Our team is committed to helping businesses transition to running on EOS®, allowing them to better serve their customers, employees and communities. We strive to continuously provide innovative solutions and strategies to help companies reach their goals.

Core Values

Take Responsibility

Share Credit

Be Grateful


The Full Story


Theresa Barnard

Theresa Barnard is an accomplished business leader and founder of Evergreen Solutions. Throughout her career Theresa has held many paid and volunteer positions on senior leadership teams. Most recently she was the President and Integrator for a financial planning and wealth management practice in Metairie, Louisiana.  Her experience adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS® in the company inspired her to retire from financial planning and wealth management and to dive headfirst into the world of fractional leadership. Theresa is dedicated to helping visionary business leaders gain clarity on their vision, articulate that vision to the team, and gain traction by creating cultures of accountability and developing happy and healthy leadership teams.

Prior to her role as Integrator, Theresa served in leadership roles for multiple financial planning practices in Tulsa, OK. Under her leadership, practices increased client acquisition, average revenue per client, and client retention.  Before her career as a financial advisor Theresa led the Family and Children’s Services department at a community based behavioral health center in rural Oklahoma. During her tenure, program offerings expanded to include community-based family counseling, after school and summer experiential learning programs for at risk youth, counseling services within the school based alternative school program, a day treatment program with an education component for students that were suspended from the school system. Theresa’s first experiences as a leader and teacher were as early as junior high when she volunteered teaching swimming lessons at the city pool and a counselor in training at her favorite childhood summer camp.

Theresa’s core values are her guiding principles when it comes to being a leader, part of a team, and member of her community.

  • Take responsibility when things go wrong.

  • Give credit when things go right.

  • Be grateful. Never overlook good fortune, regardless of how small. When you meet Theresa ask her about picking up pennies.

  • Contribute. No matter what, do what you can to make the world a better place. 


Theresa was born in Southern California, raised in Northeast Oklahoma, and calls New Orleans home with her spouse Samantha and two dogs, Auggie and Trixie. Theresa loves being outside in nature whenever possible, as long as it’s not too cold. You might find her enjoying her backyard, camping, taking a hike, kayaking, or sitting by the fire at night. Her favorite camping destination is the North Georgia mountains.

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